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Keto Snack Bread

All keto bread tastes different. This keto snack bread is delicious. It is a good snack when you are craving something sweet and dessert-ish.

breakfast crunch
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Breakfast Crunch

People always seem to struggle with breakfast.  I find that I make Bulletproof coffee, and skip breakfast altogether.  However, there are days that I want just a “little something”. This recipe is fantastic, as it is quick and easy.  I often have this as my snack, and not for breakfast at all.

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When does one go “natural”?

I think that most people that hit this blog will have said those magic words: “There’s got to be a better way”. They recognize they don’t feel well, they are frustrated with the medical system, doctors make them feel like they are “going crazy”, they have been told the words […]