Get to know us

We are a mother daughter team located in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. We are super passionate about food, nutrition, health, living mindfully and are both currently students at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, working towards achieving our certification as Holistic Health Practitioners. It is our goal to provide quality education and information to people just like us! 

However, we weren’t always this way. In fact, as we write this, our journey is actually fairly recent. In the last two years, we have both faced massive health journeys that greatly impacted our lives. The universe threw us a lot of curve balls, as we know it does to many people.  

Although we are mother-daughter and have many similarities, we have a vast amount of differences. We are both unique souls that share a different journey. Our specializations when it comes to health and nutrition are extremely different. Read our individual bios here. 


Why did we start Plants Dance Nutrition

As we were on our journey to learning what it means to live a nourishing lifestyle and fix our health, we realized that there are SO many sources out there for information. We found ourselves in “analysis paralysis” trying to figure out what is right and what is wrong. 

Some of the information resonated with us, other information did not; And more than anything, the information was technical and confusing. If you are a newbie to living a nourishing lifestyle, most of it just doesn’t make sense! And when things don’t make sense, you can’t implement it into your lifestyle. 

We get a lot of our information through research studies, podcasts, other people’s blogs, local seminars and workshops, Pinterest and Instagram galore… Pretty much anywhere we can get our hands on. We do our research and we do a lot of it. 

Through this journey, we both simultaneously discovered we have an immense passion for helping other people. Whether it be improving your health, learning how to cook, figuring out what nourishment is, or just following our health journey, we invite people from all walks of life to be a part of our community. 

We want to provide a central hub and community for people who want to live a nourishing and non-toxic natural lifestyle.

It is our goal to provide all of the information we spend an immense amount of time researching in a SHORT and EASY to understand format. We want to help people fall back in love with their lifestyles and the way their food/mindfulness makes them feel. And to get you here, we provide education and recipes that teach you, without getting overly technical. We want our community to be just as educated as we are, but without having to decipher all of the complicated information


What does it mean to be “Nourished” or “Holistic” 

When we say these words, we are not just referring to your food! We absolutely, hands-down, believe your own health journey is a combination of mind, body, spirit. How we treat our food, what we put in AND on our bodies is absolutely critical. 

Plants Dance Nutrition is about honoring all food eaters and helping you find health in a simple form. We believe in making an impact in small steps. So whether you are vegan, vegetarian, a nourished omnivore, or just starting out your journey and don’t know where to start, we ABSOLUTELY welcome you. We support all people who are attempting to take even the smallest of baby steps in nourishing their body and/or making an impact on our environment. So if you eat grass fed beef instead of beef that is processed and filled with antibiotics… that is a baby step that we love and support. You can see more about the Plants Dance community here. 

We want to make a difference. And maybe that difference is small, but any difference for the bettering of people and the planet is a good difference. 


What does Plants Dance Nutrition Offer

Currently, we offer recipes, education and shopping items related to holistic health. However, we plan on drastically expanding. We love the idea of transparency within our community, which is why we have a “new and upcoming” page for people to see what new things we have in the works. If there is anything you would like to see from us, let us know!