Natural Health

What does it mean to follow “Natural Health”? That is such a wide question and subject for interpretation, depending on the eating style that you currently follow. 

This is our version of what being “natural” means, and what we follow in our own lifestyle. 


Grass Fed Animal Products

We live in Canada, where winter does not allow us to always have grass fed products. However, we do the best we can!

Believe it or not, Grass fed products have a different nutritional value than regular animal products (specifically grain fed). 

The best way to describe this is a mother breast feeding her baby.  We all know that breast milk is the best.  Why?  It is natural and filled with healthy enzymes and vitamins/minerals from the food that we eat. The better quality food a mother takes in, the better quality her breast milk.  By comparison, babies can have a baby formula. 

In grass fed, you are getting the nutrition that mother nature meant for us to have, in the portions and quantities we are meant to have it. The by-product, whether it be meat, butter, milk, or other by-product, is now filled with only the best nutrients that this animal can offer.


Non-toxic and No preservatives

Sometimes we think only of food, but we also have to think of the other products in our household.  Our cleaners, fragrances, and lotions all have ingredients that will get into our body.  We breathe in the smells, or smear on the lotions. This is all absorbed into our body, where our liver and other organs need to work on detoxifying and keeping us healthy.

Toxins and preservatives that are added into our food or our everyday products greatly impact our health. If it’s not meant to be in our body, our immune system will fight it away, and this leads to inflammation. Therefore, we think it is super important to look at all products you use and understand the ingredients and what they mean for your health. 

We have a general saying: if it comes in a sealed bag, it’s probably not good for you. Of course we understand that sometimes this is hard to avoid. Even we find it hard to avoid. But making choices that don’t involve “the bag” when you can are preferred. 



Eat dirt.  Organic food is grown without the processed chemicals.  There are so many reasons for you to eat organic, but here are two really big ones: 

  1. Lack of chemicals and preservatives.  It is well established that chemicals contribute to lack of wellness in scientific studies. Everything you take in must be processed by your liver in order to be healthy.
  2. Gut health – the bugs in your gut…known as your microbiome or gut flora, are a massive part of your health overall.  From depression/ anxiety to multiple sclerosis to digestive issues, studies are now showing that your microbiome plays a very important part in your health.

Organic eating takes you as close to “back to earth” as possible.



Food without nourishment is like eating fluff. Everything we put into our body should provide a source of nourishment and fullness. From vitamin B, E, and K to minerals such as magnesium and calcium, your body needs a wide variety of vitamins and minerals to properly function.

To eat a variety of “nourishing” foods means to eat foods with all the different vitamins, minerals, macro nutrients (carbs, protein, fat) and fiber that our body needs to function optimally. So, eat your veggies! 


Water – Type and Quantity

A substance that is critical to survival. Water is involved in every function and process within your body. Lack of water means lack of overall health.

How much is “enough”?  Considering that your body is over 60% water, you will need a big amount of it every day. An average adult needs 3 liters per day, ultimately. This is a combination of food and water, where 40% typically comes from your food choices….providing you are eating high quality foods.

The type of water you are drinking also make a difference. There is tap water, spring water, well water, distilled water, and reverse osmosis water. Reverse osmosis is likely the best water, although there are arguments for other types as well. But, above all, you should not be drinking tap water. Any other type of water will improve your health.