Our Community

Our community is people that eat. No, that doesn’t mean we support your McDonald’s supper or huge plate of steak and potatoes.

We mean that we support people who eat (or want to eat) holistically in some form. 

We made Plants Dance Nutrition because we discovered a couple of different things about the health community: 

  1. Vegans have their own community
  2. Vegetarians have their own community
  3. “Fitness for health” people have their own community
  4. There is NO community for all of these people who just support ALL baby steps to a better lifestyle in general

We wanted to be that community. We decided that we needed to cater to all different eating lifestyles. However, we say this with caution. Our community is for people who support anybody who is taking any form of a baby step to live a nourishing and non-toxic lifestyle, no matter how “small” the step. We want to make an impact on our personal health and the environment through natural health. 

Fact: Both of us are actually vegetarians, by choice.

We are strong believers that every single individual’s body is different. Just because we are vegetarians does NOT mean that is going to work for you. And just because Sally in the cubicle next to you thinks that keto is the end-all be-all does NOT mean that your body will respond in the same way. Therefore, we should all support each other in our individual health journeys. 

No matter what your eating style, they all have their health benefits and detriments. Simply put, every one of us has challenges we have to face in order to maintain good health. 

We divided our community into 3 sections that we believe to capture EVERYBODY who comes to our site: 

  1. The Nourished Vegan
  2. The Nourished Vegetarian
  3. The Nourished Omni

You can read about what these terms mean below. 


The Nourished Vegan, Vegetarian, and the Omni

Nourished Omni

Let’s start with the Nourished Omni, as this one is probably the least understood. 

An “Omni” (omnivore, rather than herbivore or carnivore) is just somebody who eats vegetables AND meat. The Omni doesn’t necessarily have a eating style, other than “eating food”. You are still an Omni if you eat McDonald’s or a full bag of Dorrito chips. 

A Nourished Omni is different. This means you choose nourishing choices. You want to be healthy, choose good fats, vegetables, and grass-fed meats. Preferably, you are also choosing organic foods.

The Nourished Omni is well rounded, striving to do better with each bite. You also strive to learn about what you can do to improve.

Nourished Vegetarian

The Vegetarian eats most foods other than meat and (mostly) fish. You will often eat animal products still, such as eggs and dairy. 

However, you can be a vegetarian and still eat foods that are toxic and/or not nourishing. 

A Nourished Vegetarian makes choices around food that are good for your body. This means that they make choices that are non-toxic, non-processed, and generally organic. Most vegetarians we know are concerned with health and are quite in-tune to their own body. They  know how they feel when they eat something that doesn’t agree with them. 

People go vegetarian for multiple reasons; the most popular reasons are usually the environment, mistreatment of animals, ethical reasons, or just general health. 

Many vegetarians eat fish, which is actually known as a pescetarian. We recognize that these two are different. However, for simplicity, we will group the pescetarians into the Nourished Vegetarian category.

Nourished Vegan

The Vegan is likely the most strict of the eaters, choosing to eat foods that are not of animal origin whatsoever. 

But, once again, being a vegan does NOT mean that you are nourished. 

The Nourished Vegan makes choices that are good for their body. This means that they choose non-processed, non-toxic, and generally organic options. 

Although some vegans eat this way for health, vegans often make this choice from an ethical or environmental standpoint. 

Similarities Between All 3 Categories

All three categories of our community have 2 things in common: they all live a nourishing and natural lifestyle AND we all support each other in our journeys.

We have a Facebook community for people who follow Plants Dance or have any questions can interact with us. Everybody is welcome to join!

We also run a Facebook community for women over 40, as we believe that aging and menopause has its own unique issues.  Feel free to join this group.

What if I don’t fit into ANY of these categories? 

If you don’t feel you fit into one of these categories, then likely you are eating the SAD (Standard American Diet) in some form. It is aptly named, with high amounts of sweeteners, excessive carbohydrates, and chemicals and preservatives. 

If you are looking to get even just the slightest amount of guidance to better your health, we absolutely welcome you! You don’t need to be in one of these categories to be a part of our community… You just need to be looking to take a baby step. 

Welcome to our community, SAD eater. We hope that you find some education and healthful information, and soon you can be a part of one of these categories.