Our Difference

Food represents community

In addition to health and wellness, food represents so many aspects of our lives. In love, engagements are done over a beautiful dinner. For social, laughter and memories are created over nachos and spinach dip. During parenting, sitting down to dinner is how we share our daily events.

In every aspect, food nourishes our body, mind and soul. 

From mental health to physical health, food determines the quality of our bodies, who we are, and how we act. 

What about those that can’t afford good quality food? What about those that have bigger problems in life, and food/health takes a back burner? When life gets hard…food choices suffer. 


What is our difference

It took a lot of thought to figure out who needed our help the most.  We wanted to give back…but we didn’t know how. There is SO much need out there for GOOD food and QUALITY information!

So many organizations support charities for the betterment of the environment. Or charities that support improvement of ethical issues, such as animal mistreatment. Although we considered both of these options, we wanted to do something different and reach out to the community that health organizations aren’t recognizing. 

We have chosen to support Women’s Shelters, and those women in need. When life gets hard, food/health suffers. Many women that are seeking women shelters have children to provide for. Those food and health choices that they are making whilst in the shelter are impacting their children for years to come. Can you image a life where you aren’t concerned about your next meal?  You are just concerned with being safe. That is why we have chosen to give a percentage of our profits to local charities. 

Will you help us give back?


Join us to make a difference

You have two ways to support our cause: 

  1. Purchase a product on our website. 10% of the profits go to a local women’s shelter charity.
  2. Give a charitable donation. 100% of your donation will go to charity…including any credit card processing fees (which we will cover)

Thank you for your support!