Our Story

Our individual paths to nutrition are very different. We have different health stories and different passions. Here we share, and I hope you enjoy the story of how our passion came to life. You might relate to both of us, or just one of us. But we both have our own specializations in nutrition and health. 

We both believe your own health journey is a combination of mind, body, and spirit. How we treat our food, and what we put in AND on our bodies is absolutely critical…not just today, but for the rest of our lives, and even the health of our children. 




For about 20 years, I have been interested in “food to poop”.  I read health books for fun.  My podcast list is longer than my arm.  My audio book wish list doesn’t have an end.

I have had weight issues for years. I have been on every diet imaginable, but the weight is impossible to come off.  Every once in a while I have a small bout of success (and by small, I mean less than 10 pounds), and then it comes back on. 

I watch friends lose weight using traditional methods, and I think “What the hel*?”  Why does this fat just stick to me?

However, believe it or not, my weight still didn’t take me to making the journey to being healthy. I had to get sick to become healthy.

In 2017, I sold a company after 10 years. It made over $1M in sales, and I had 15 employees.  It was stressful, but (for the most part), I enjoyed it. From time to time, I would have some stomach issues, but I always put it down to stress.

Once I had an opportunity to slow down, my body decided that now it was OK to get sick.  It started with an unexplained bout of nausea that summer on holidays.  Gradually over the next several months, I continued to have nausea… Every time I ate! 

Visits to the doctor got me PPH blockers as a solution.  My passion told me that blocking all my stomach acid was going to cause further issues down the line.

I worked hard at getting better.  There were days that all I could eat was freshly pressed vegetable juices. I became diligent on what I put in my mouth.  I found out what triggered it and what didn’t.

All the while, the doctors were doing tests.  A barium swallow, a colonscopy, a scope… ALL were negative.  “You are perfectly healthy”, they said!


Eventually an abdominal ultrasound told the story.  My doctor said “You have Stage 3 Fatty Liver Disease.”

You don’t need to be a doctor to know that anything that starts with “Stage 3” is probably not good. The solution from my medical doctors? Eat better, lose weight, and exercise.  There are no drugs and no cure for Fatty Liver Disease.

Without knowing it, I was already doing all the things I needed to be doing.

A few weeks later, my younger brother…who is only 44, was diagnosed with the exact same thing! 

You wouldn’t believe what I have discovered about FLD…I truly believe with the way we eat today, this is our next major silent killer.

Let’s fast forward

Now, here I am publishing Plants Dance with my daughter.

My journey with nutrition to solve my own issues has been amazing.  I know that I have already made differences in other people’s lives.

My dad has Type 2 diabetes, and he is so frustrated with his medical doctors. I am also…the advice that the nutritional gives him is shameful, at best.  It makes my head shake.  He gets simple advice such as “Have a banana every morning, plus open other fruit.”


My passion for helping people like my dad has taken me off guard.  The passion and compassion I feel is very unexpected, and (in the beginning) not very welcome.

I have always been a “business woman”.  To be caring & compassionate for people on this level is a new skill set for me, and one that I am falling in love with.

Thank you, dear reader and new member of my community, for allowing me to learn this new skill.  I am honored…truly honored…to share what I have learned with you.


I grew up in an era where you were taught to get a job, go to work, and do that for the rest of your life.

However, through working full time and going to school full time evenings, I still managed to get my Business Administration diploma.  I also consider myself a professional student.  I have taken tons of courses over the years.

I am currently enrolled in Canadian School of Natural Nutrition where I am studying to get my certification in Holistic Nutrition.

I know I will pursue more studies around nutrition and supplementation.  The education journey in this field doesn’t stop here.

I also teach business education to acupuncture and massage therapy students at Grant MacEwan University.  That makes me constantly learn all the time in order to deliver the best possible experience for my students.


Because I have two different hats I wear, I have two different specializations.

Weight loss – I am passionate about weight loss.  As a woman that is almost in her 50s, I think I have experienced every frustration around weight there is.  I have struggled with weight most of my adult life.

I have spent HUGE amounts researching the secret life of fat, why it stays on, and what you can do about it.

I am currently on my own journey to lose weight.  I starting this journey at 245 lbs, and I am down about 35 lbs already.  I finally found a recipe for success.

However, I know how hard that was and the mental struggle was massive and completely deflating to get there.  When I look around, I have “settled” for many things in my life because I was fat (at least in my head).

My second passion is around business. Up to this point, nutrition has been my hobby, buy business has been my business.

I teach and educate people how to run the business side of their business. I do taxes.  I am VERY good at what I do.  I have a whole website geared towards teaching business owners. (www.eintel.ca)

Right now, I pursue both passions.

Who knows where this will lead in the future?


Spare time?  Well, I suppose we all have it.

To be honest, I like to work and learn.  I have so many passions around nutrition that this consumes my time.

I love to cook new recipes, using ingredients most people have never heard of.

I started a Facebook group for women over 40.

I love books…non-fiction usually and almost always on personal development.

I do adult tap dance as well, but opted out this year as school and work just takes too much time.

I go to Farmer’s Markets and trade shows.  I love how small business and passion crash into each other and create dynamic businesses.

I love spending time with friends and just laughing.  I don’t do it nearly often enough!

And, I am single!  Maybe if I found someone my interests would change!  But for now, life is good.




This bio might be oversharing about my intestinal health a bit… but I think it is crucial for people to understand how doing something in one part of your life will impact you for the rest of your life.

When I was just 3 years old, I had issues with my colon. I never wanted to go to the bathroom, so I would hold it in for as long as I possibly could (I know…”wtf” right?). 

The doctors recommended that my mom put me on Senokot (a laxative). At the time, my mom knew nothing about the addiction that your body has for those laxatives, so I ended up taking it religiously for about a year. I was on more than the adult dose for Senokot, and that still was not working completely.

Long story short… I ended up hospitalized for not going to the bathroom. My colon had stretched out and I lost a lot of nerve function in my large intestine. 

This still effects me to this day, and holy has it ever been a journey. Now that I know so much more about your microbiome and what your intestines do for your body, I personally believe that my intestinal issues are the main factor for many other health problems that I have experienced. 

Fast forward to 2011… 

In high school, I partied all the time. I drank copious amounts of alcohol every night of the weekend, occasionally did drugs, and ate a stupid amount of junk/fast food. I didn’t care about my health (what high schooler does?) and personally thought that my body was invincible after the hangover wore off. 

I graduated in 2013, and this is when the health problems seriously started to hit. 

I was EXHAUSTED all the time. I lived off of coffee and any stimulant that could give me even the slightest bit of energy. 

Once I was in university, I stressed myself out with studying and did nothing to take care of my mental health. I was eating what I thought to be “healthier” at the time, but knew literally nothing about what holistic health was. 

I was in and out of the fitness world, and would eat “chicken, rice and broccoli” because I thought that was healthy for me. And still, the exhaustion hit. 

I started to get chronic yeast infections, extremely dry mouth, and headaches. My intestines consistently felt inflamed and I was going to the bathroom once a week. To add on top of all of that, I was in a toxic relationship that was severely affecting my mental health (although I didn’t know it at the time). 

I went to doctor after doctor to try and figure out why all of this was happening. And naturally, they told me that I was completely “healthy” and there was nothing wrong with me. My doctor told me that it was “normal” to go to the bathroom once a week for some people. I felt like an insane hypochondriac! I was 22 years old and I felt like I had the body of a 90 year old. 

In 2017, I started to have issues with my vision. My eyes felt like they had an insane amount of pressure in them, I was getting consistent vision headaches, my vision was changing daily, I felt like there was always pressure in my eyes, and my eyes felt like I needed to close them and sleep by 4pm. And medically, there was STILL nothing wrong, despite the 5 eye doctors we saw. 

I felt like I had hit a wall, and I actually just chose to accept that this was my new normal and the way that I was going to feel for the rest of my life. AND THEN, I went to a Tony Robbins conference. And that completely changed my health journey. 

I came back DETERMINED to do something to better my health. I wanted to feel the best I could possibly feel. I became a vegetarian, learned about natural health, started listening to podcasts and audio books, read research papers, researched the fuc* out of every single health problem I was having, stopped relying on doctors AND started to juice every single day. I also started having a morning and evening routine which included gratuity and meditation. My health turned around VERY fast. 

I couldn’t believe how much better I could feel by just changing my food and practicing mindfulness. And I became addicted to that feeling. 

This brings us to today. No, I am not completely better. This is still a journey for me. But I have made the promise to myself that I will have small victories every single day to better my health and to help other people better theirs as well. I strongly believe that the medical world does not have all of the answers. 



I make the joke quite often to people in my life that I am going to be a “permanent student”. I LOVE learning, and I firmly believe that people should never stop trying to increase their knowledge, in any field. 

I have my Bachelor of Commerce degree (major in Management Information Systems and a minor in Operations Management) from the University of Alberta. I always thought that I was going to be a project manager for software development. 

However, due to the issues with my eyes, sitting in front of a computer for more than 3 hours at a time is just not an option. 

I found a new love for fitness and nutrition. So I am currently doing my Personal Training through ACE and a student in holistic nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. 



I have a love for lifting weights and the gym. My specialization when it comes to health consists of a couple of things: 

  • Personal training (specifically teaching people how to lift weights) 
  • Any issues related to the intestines or intestinal health

However, I love ALL things health still. But these 2 are the things I am most passionate about. 



In my spare time, there are a couple of things I enjoy doing. I love reading books that are either about cults or horror. Otherwise, they are non-fiction and I am educating myself. 

I also love to lift weights at the gym. I hate cardio with a passion. As a hobby, I like to try things once, get kind of good at it, and then try something else. If I could try anything, I would do a class on Aerial silks. I like being outdoors in nature, but also hate the cold. I also love any form of animal, especially dogs and reptiles. 

I LOVE computer programming. That has always been my main passion, and I am kind of a geek about anything computers. I design websites on the side for random clients as well.